Thursday, 25 April 2013

Decisions, Decisions...

This hasn't been an easy decision to make, and I haven't taken it lightly at all.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm coming home early. I'm not chickening out, I've just had enough of trying to deal with my (reoccurring) mental health issues without professional help and pretending they're not a problem.

I'd love to say I'm a happy-go-lucky optimistic girl all the time, but the truth is I am one of those "1 in 4 people [who] will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year" (Mental Health Foundation UK statistic). This isn't something easy to open up about, but I feel it's beneficial to be honest about why I'm coming home so people reading this blog understand that persevering through homesickness on a year abroad is one thing, but that dealing with depression on your own is quite another.

I'm flying back to the UK on Saturday 4th of May. The reason why it's not sooner is because:
a) it's a lot of co-ordination to try and sort all this stuff out with landlord, school, flights and so on
b) if I stay in Russia for 10 weeks it's fine with my university, but 9 is too short and would result in repercussions for my funding.
c) my lovely friends have made it possible by being very sweet and understanding, and helping get me out the house most of the day so I'm not going weird on my own.

I really appreciate everyone who has offered words of support and understanding and sent me e-hugs and the like.

Lois x


  1. I'm glad you posted this here, even though it must have been difficult. I'm sure you made the right decision and hopefully you can concentrate on being well when you're back home.

    Thanks again for blogging about your time in Russia, as it's been a real help to me. If you remember, I asked some questions about Notts uni in a earlier post. I ended up firming it after visiting!

    Всего хорошего! :)

  2. Thank you for the words of support :)

    Of course I remember talking to you about Notts Uni, and it's super cool that you also dig the place. In fact, you have to laugh, because there's of course a good chance we'll bump into each other in the department!


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