Thursday, 2 May 2013

An Approximation of Happiness

I am feeling almost happy now, because I know I'm going home on Saturday (in a few minutes time it'll be tomorrow). That knowledge, plus the encouragement of friends, has helped me seize the day more while I'm here and motivated me to do some fun stuff that I'd kept putting off because I'd 'do it next week'.

Fun things included:

  • Staying in a nightclub till it closed at 6am (in Russia they close so late because the bridges go up around 1am and don't go down until about 5am)
  • Skanking along Nevsky Prospekt after said occurence
  • Going to Tkachi (the cool shopping centre) to buy the awesome button-down-shirt-rucksack and a few souvenirs
  • A picnic on the beach on Krestovsky Island with my friends
  • Fondue (well, it was raclette in the end) evening, and also a taco evening on a different night, at Lisa's
  • Tried bubble tea - delicious!
  • Lovely veggie dinner at the Botanki vegetarian restaurant
  • Homemade Mojitos, Margharitas and karaoke at another mate's house
So I've been busy drinking and eating and shopping and singing and dancing it would seem!

Future intentions include:
  • Farewell party tomorrow night of some variety
  • Booking appointments to improve all aspects of wellbeing: haircut, massage, counsellor, dentist etc.
  • Making arrangements to see my friends and family back in the UK
  • Planning my trip to visit my brother in Stockholm in July
  • Picking new suitcases for doing said travelling with - birthday present from D & A
  • Buying a new tent for the summer's festivals (my old one is falling apart and covered in vegetarian chili that I haven't cleaned off since Boomtown, ain't nobody got time for that)
  • Hitting the gym and the cycling hard, and eating healthier - gonna show my now-diabetic D some solidarity and join him and A in qutting eating puddings at home
  • Picking some new curtains to finish off the pimping of my bedroom
That's all I've thought of so far, but look at all that awesome stuff that's gonna get done: heck yeah.

Also I am so excited to open all the packages that should be waiting for me when I get home!

Night night, probably see you on the other side of Europe!

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