Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How Not To Eat 'Herring in a Fur Coat'

Today on my blog I would like to talk to you about one of my favourite Russian dishes not to eat, and that is Herring in a Fur Coat.

If you would also like to not eat Herring in a Fur Coat, I would recommend following these steps:
1. Do not grate a layer of potato into the bottom of a dish.
2. Do not put a layer of chopped herring on top of the potato.
3. Do not cover that layer in mayonnaise.
4. Do not add another layer of potato.
5. Do not put over that a layer of grated carrot.
6. Do not conclude with a layer of grated beetroot.
7. Finally, do not finish with a drizzle of soured cream.

Here is a picture of what it should definitely not look like:

Contributor Vicky advises not eating Herring in a Fur Coat by picking the upper layers and bottom layer off, leaving the mayonnaise and herring layers intact.

I would also recommend not eating Herring in a Fur Coat with really salty, watery oat porridge.

Thanks for reading folks!

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  1. Lucky herring is not so appealing to a vegetarian, but "No herring in a fur coat" might be an idea? xx

    1. Even if it didn't have the horrid herring component, there's still far too much mayonnaise in it for it to be considered a foodstuff hehe xx


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