Tuesday, 25 September 2012

You kinda had to be there...

This past two days have been full of much hilarity.

By the time we finished our really useful Russian lesson with Lena yesterday it was very dark out (only lit by the lights outside the houses) so I let Vicky and Lena get down the stairs before I switched the first floor light off. I got down a few stairs while holding the banister, then realised my error: in trying to save the planet, I had blinded us all! I managed to get down the stairs somehow, but that only meant that 3 of us were stumbling around in the pitch-dark, circular room, bumping into pillars. I thought I'd found the door, but only walked into some kind of chair. Eventually, someone found the corridor with loos that leads to the dining room, and cleverly remembering there's no light there I switched on the toilet light. More laughter ensued as we gratefully managed to find the rest of the light switches and get out through the kitchen. Maybe you had to be there?

Then today Masha invited us to dancing, which meant skipping karate, but Vicky and I were game to try something new. Immediately the title screen made us crack up: the blonde model wearing a hot-pink bikini top made me think it was a really dodgy dance-video, possibly to do with stripping. I hadn't figured out at that point that "Танец живота" (lit. Dance of the Stomach) meant Belly Dance!  More confusion ensued as we realised our televisual teachers were identical twins, and cue embarrassed giggling as we were instructed to stick our chests out and circle our hips, thankfully not at the same time. Actually, it was a great workout, and we stayed to do another episode with Masha after Ira and Lera (two of the 9th grade girls) left. However, I can't speak for how my abs will feel tomorrow, as I swear they nearly exploded during the second episode.

One more funny episode: we got followed home by Nyusha the kitten, and we let her into the house to come play. Thing is, next thing we knew she'd jumped into the bin and was eating something out of it! Revolting. She then had the cheek to try jump on our beds, but I stopped her. Funny thing was, she then started licking her paws and deliberately looking at me as if to say "Look! I'm clean! Let me on the bed now!". Silly Catface.

Also, there's this brilliant thing Galya makes, which is like full-fat cream cheese with onion (spring onion?) in, and I think garlic maybe, and there must be something else I can't put my finger on because it STINKS. It is also DELICIOUS. We don't know what it's called, so we just called it Smelly Breath. This stuffs needs to exist in the UK. Galya also made poppy-seed pastries today, which I got proper excited about, but they are really rather plain and not a patch on my mum's. I'm so spoilt. I also miss Nutella (chocolate spread here is really bland) and peanut butter and combining the two in a toasted sandwich with banana. Mmmmmmm...

Many hugs,
A happy and affectionate Lois :)

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  1. I'm surprised they're down with videos like that when you got in trouble for a TOTP magazine!


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