Sunday, 23 September 2012

Спасибо Sundays #2

This week I am grateful for:

- Vicka for being the funniest when she told us we had a special karate session with her. She cycled round the village giving us 'encouragement' as we ran our fifth lap of the day (we'd thought karate was off so ran laps instead), then lead us through warm ups. It was at this point that Sergei came along and told her off: karate had been delayed by half an hour and had just started! She's so funny and cheeky.

- Vicky for being mega-supportive and listening to me pour my heart out when I found out on Friday that my Grandma has been diagnosed with cancer.

- The fourth form for not being too harsh on us when we took three double lessons instead of Sasha while she had meetings.

- Nyusha the kitten - for being utterly adorable and massively comforting.

- Terry Pratchett for writing awesome books that one can escape into.

- the fact that despite the rain we had a BBQ lunch!

- whoever runs the shop down the road deciding to stock Milka chocolate!

- Katya for having a chat with Galina - she's making much more of an effort to be understandable now.

- Pokemon Fire Red emulator - where would I be without you?!

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