Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Music: a Steady Riot in My Soul

I try not to talk about music too much on here because my love of music and the amount I'd like to talk about it could make up a whole other blog that nobody would read. Everyone's got their own music tastes and I'm not about to go imposing mine on you if you came here to read about a year abroad.

On the other hand, I would like to thank music (and especially Big D) today for getting me the hell out of bed. I was lying in bed being frankly nihilistic and crazy homesick and not being very nice.

These are the songs that got me on my feet again:

Perkie - Getting Old

"Get off your lazy arse Grandma, no you're no dying just yet. Put on your walking boots Grandpa you've still got further to get..." Never mind Grandma/pa, that's me lying in bed going 'Зачем?" all self-pity. Twat.

Ash Victim - Back Stabbing Foot Shooter
"I just want to go home, wherever the fuck that is" Too right, I feel homesick but I don't even know if going back to London is what I want. I like learning Russian and there have clearly been times when I've enjoyed it because otherwise I wouldn't have been studying it for 9 years. So going home to sleeping 12 hours a day and volunteering a couple times a week and having my family around me might seem really nice, but if I were there is that what I'd really be happy doing? I bet I'd have mad itchy wanderlust ants in my pants.

Big D and the Kids Table - LAX

This is a brilliant song for being angry at anyone, about anything. It involves saying the F-word an awful lot and telling people they're terrible, which is great when you don't feel like blaming yourself for anything :P Warning: very, very explicit lyrics. Turn the volume up or something.

Big D and the Kids Table - Steady Riot

"Music: a steady riot in my soul" A song which seems to me to be about life being hard, but friends and strangers help you out, inspire you, help you keep going. I guess the bands you listen to are like friends and strangers at the same time, and they give you inspiration, help you through the tough times, and their music will never go away and will always help drive you onwards. Steady, but also a riot. Title sort of makes sense now.

Big D and the Kids Table - Souped-Up Vinyl

"See, when I get home I'll be fine, because our time's now ours, yeah, and we spend it with the souped-up vinyl spinning round and round" The moral of this story is that even if you're not liking work, school, whatever establishment you attend, there'll be the moment when that part of the day ends and your time begins. You can but your headphones in, you can go to a gig, you get your music fix somehow. Then it's not all so rubbish because for a while nothing else matters but the music, and you know you're not the only one feeling that way.

So yeah,
I promise I won't make the music posts a regular thing, but I bet this was more fun to read than me going on about how I'm not settled in here yet, haven't had a lot in the way of friendly face-to-face contact or at least not nearly as much as I'm used to. Basically I want to be everyone's friend. Now. Without all the awkward bit before we're proper mates where I worry about what people think of me and I'm trying so hard to make a good impression and seem normal I'm not even being myself.

That's enough of that for now,

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