Thursday, 14 March 2013

(Not) Wasting Time on the Internet

I read a lot of internet articles, click on many links and always have far too many tabs open. That's just the way I've been since tabbed browsing and broadband have been around. However much rubbish I read which is of zero consequence and does not enrich my life at all, I thought I'd do a series of articles on my favourite things I find in my misadventures.

I'll admit this idea is stolen adapted from Gala Darling's formerly weekly and now monthly Carousel series. She posts all sorts of links: from fashion, home-styling and life inspiration, things you can buy (or are too expensive to buy), technology, serious journalism, beautiful places to travel - all that is interesting, funny, cute, beautiful, delicious, thought-provoking and more.

So without further ado, an insight into what I liked on the interwebs this week:

Wolf & Badger jewellery, especially the rings. Oh those beautiful rings!

What Lesley from XOJane writes about fat-shaming. She kicks serious butt with her words.

Preschool Gems on Twitter makes me laugh. The amazing, hilarious things little kids say.

Bolshevik Mean Girls is my favourite comedy tumblr right now. Texts from Dog who?

☆ If this actually takes 4 minutes I'll eat my hat, but I'm seriously considering buying eggs just so I can make Four-minute chocolate mousse. Actually, maybe the four-minute bit is referring to how long it would take me to eat the lot.

☆ Big Bang Theory fans will enjoy this flash mob clip:

Apparently it's Pi Day but I don't really buy it, because when did anyone decent say March 14th? It's the 14th of March. Also I have had zero pie so I'm not feeling festive, bah humbug. Maslenitsa 'party' at school tomorrow, where I will eat pancakes and drink vodka until I'm probably very irritable and self-concious (vodka is not my happy drink, it tends to make me hideously self-aware and embarrassed of how I don't feel drunk but I'm talking rubbish and am losing control of my body parts).

Fun fun fun fun,
Looking forward to the weekend (St Petersburg Ska Jazz ensemble Saturday night!)

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