Sunday, 17 March 2013

The return of Спасибо Sundays!

Here we go again chaps, it's my not-very-regular regular feature! Спасибо (say it spass-EE-ba) means thank you in Russian if I didn't already explain that, so Спасибо Sundays are all about being grateful for the all the good things in life. I mean to do them on a weekly basis again, as they're a great way to focus on the positive things in life and about living abroad. So without further ado:

Thank you:

  • Anne for giving me so much guidance regarding my job (and not quitting it just yet). I can be quite rash when I'm frustrated, so I'm very glad she calmed me down and spoon-fed me what to say to my boss.
  • To Laura for inviting me out with them lot on Friday. I'd come to school all dolled up just for the hell of it, went to the Maslenitsa party, got pretty drunk on free vodka and juice and stuffed my face with pancakes and biscuits to try sober up! I wasn't expecting to end up in a club with a big crew of people, but that was an absolutely fantastic way to spend the evening that I won't forget. Really though, sometimes I can feel all weird and foreign being the only English person in a big group of people but when others include me in their plans it makes me feel so happy.
  • To Robin for looking after me Friday evening and letting my sleep in his bed. Seriously can't thank him enough for insisting, I think drunk me would probably have tried to walk the hour home on my own so very appreciative that I stayed at his round the corner.
  • To all my friends and family who responded with words of empathy and encouragement to my cry for help on facebook. You guys give me hope.
  • To St. Petersburg Ska Jazz Review for absolutely smashing it at Zal Ozhidaniya last night and to everyone in the crowd who danced. At first I felt a bit lonesome like it might be just me and 3 other people skanking, but my how things warmed up! By the end we even had a (lone, cowardly) stagediver!
  • To Rob for putting up with me being a crazy hormonal muppet.
  • To Deepak Chopra for his 21-day free guided meditation course. Mmm loafy and relaxing.
That's all for now,

P.S. I intend to buy a camera of some sort this week, that'll make this blog more exciting if there's some pictures on it! Hell yeah.

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