Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sorry St Petersburg

Dear Saint Petersburg,

I am sorry I slag you off, honestly I don't mean to say you're always horrible. Sometimes you're in a bad mood, and you're all down-in-the-mouth, feeling grey and miserable. I get that too. Sometimes it's just the bad weather and that's not your fault either! I'm a way nicer person in warmer temperatures too.

Some days you're just fabulous, you're so bright and clear, warm and inviting. When the sun is out you're totally different, and I could hang out with you all day, strolling along the embankments and marvelling at the architecture. I really like spending time with you and my friends, you're always up for sushi and a beer, or for trying some place new. We can be out having a righteous time without spending a lot of money when we know where to look. Also you're totally into ska-punk music and that's totally rad, I can easily get used to going to 2 gigs a week every week! You like to party too, that's cool, sometimes I get past my inhibitions (and past a few drinks) and feel like dancing on the tables.

I'm sorry I called you 'large', that was uncalled for, especially as I come from London so I can hardly talk. You might be dirty but I heard that Moscow is downright filthy. If you were too clean-cut I probably wouldn't like you anyway, after all I'm a bit rough around the edges. You could do with being a bit more alternative, maybe getting some hair dye and piercings? Go on, you know you want to!

Yours apologetically,

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